Textile Recycling

The UK public discard millions of garments, clothes, shoes, handbags and household textiles each year. These garments and textiles that can be worn and re-used by people in poorer countries like Eastern Europe, Asia and Africa.

Our trained work force of 25 sorters make over 120 grades which are exported worldwide. This generates employment and helps support local business in the developing world whilst providing affordable good quality second-hand clothing to the less fortunate.

When you donate your unwanted clothing, shoes and textiles:

  • You are helping to reduce landfill sites in the UK
  • You help us to donate funds to the charities we support
  • You support the recycled clothing industry in countries where the vast majority of people cannot afford to buy clothes

Latest News

  • 23-10-2015
    In the UK alone, around 350.000 tonnes of used clothes goes to landfill every year. This means over 9000 items are thown away every 5 minutes, as calculated by Oxfam. Those clothes are worth around...
  • 25-07-2015
    You may have heard that we 'recycle' your unwanted clothes. While we do buy used clothes, we don't convert them into something else, the way that e.g. plastic bottles are used to build roads. The...
  • 16-07-2015
    Most clothes that our customers bring to our shops are clean and wearable, smelling nicely, and not too much worn. Most items are just what we are looking for and are in a perfect condition to be...
  • 28-02-2015
    Unfortunately we no longer offer a collection service. We are in the process of having this information removed from the details in our branches, please bear with us with that.  
  • 28-02-2015
      Our new recycling cabin has opened up in Guildford. We are situated in the Wickes car park, Woodbridge Road, GU1 1EH. Opening times are Monday - Saturday, 10am-5pm, the shop closes at 1pm...
  • 04-08-2014
    Unfortunately our central drive store in Blackpool is now closed. Our nearest shop is located at 112 Highfield Road, Blackpool FY4 2JF. [Click here to see our shop in Google Street...